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Each Butterfly has a message to share from the Flower Therapy Oracle. Just tune into your heart and ask your question …


Flower Therapy Oracle Message

Flower Therapy Oracle Message



Flower Therapy Oracle Message A

Flower Therapy Oracle Message

Your Wishes are coming True

What your heart has been longing for is getting closer each day.
See yourself as being happy, fulfilled and loved. Hold the intention of being successful, driving your new car, experiencing true love, or whatever your goals are. Don’t concern yourself with how this will take place, let the Angels take care of that.

Your prayers have been heard. Focus only on the positive, watch your thoughts as they manifest quickly.

Flower Therapy Oracle Message B

Flower Therapy Oracle Message


You’re spiritually connected to everyone through God. Use this sacred bond to heal your family, friends and yourself

As one persons energy grows and heals, everyone else is positively influenced. So by focusing on your own healing, you heal those around you. Liekwise when you send healing intentions to others, you’re sending loving wishes to yourself.

Look at the bigger picture, never feel selfish for taking time for you. You have the ability to change your surroundings and others may bring greater power to your work.

Flower Therapy Oracle Message C

Flower Therapy Oracle Message


Simplify Your Life

You’ve had so much going on that you’re spread too thin. This now has to change so you vitality can recharge.

It’s commendable that you’re involved in so many activities. However you’ve become tired because you’re devoting yourself to so many issues. Instead narrow your focus, using your full energy on several select things.

You want to help others but you need to take care of yourself as well. Find self care activities that nourish you and make them part of your daily routine. Explore new skills such as painting sewing or photography. Spend time reading or walking in nature.

Remove yourself from drama, release negative friendships, the easy solution is the right one


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