Business Energy Centres

Your business is a separate entity to you with its own business energy centres! That’s right regardless of whether it shares your name or not. As an entrepreneur you may be the face of several businesses so make Your personal brand about you, your own skills and reputation.

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Business Energy Centres

Start seeing your business as an entity in its own right with its own energy, persona and brand.  It has its own business energy centres similar to a chakra system.

The business was created by you so its DNA has been infused by you

It is influenced by your emotions frustrations and actions

But your Business Energy Centres are also influenced by others

Clients, staff, suppliers

The business next door that has angry clients

The atmosphere at the coffee shop where you hold client meetings

And the mess on your dining room table where you’re trying to work as you yell at the kids to pick up their mess

Business Energy System

In addition to the business energy centres there are 3 levels of business. These are conception, day to day and future. If you’re struggling to get ahead with new ideas than its likely these 3 levels are out of alignment with each other.

When this happens I recommend an advanced business balance.

Step One balances the exact same issues on each level of the business. This clears out old ways of working, outdated beliefs to welcome in fresh opportunities. It also integrates skills and growth through the 3 levels.

Now that you’ve been in business for a few years your business model is likely to be vastly different to its beginnings. This is an ideal time to integrate the 3 levels ready for all the new ideas you’re wanting to implement to generate higher income.

Then Step Two is to clear that space between you and your business. This is the overlap that collects the energetic dust that sits between you. I recommend an advanced business balance yearly.

Every relationship has this space in between. Its from here that people bring up past arguments that go something like – You always say that… remember the promise you made last time.. or you never …

Even if both parties work on their individual energy old stuff gets caught here in the space between.

Here is more information on how you can work with me to assist the flow of energy in your business

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