Benefits of using Crystals and Essential Oils to Balance Chakras

We all need a little support when we’re making changes in our lives. Crystals and essential oils are both excellent methods of vibrational support. They each have their own individual energy.

Each crystal has a colour that aligns with a chakra. That is the simplest way of knowing which chakra is being balanced by the crystal.

Essential oils are much more complicated as they can be used in wound healing topically on the skin or emotionally by smelling them. We focus on the emotional benefits of essential oils in chakra work. If I know the colour of the flowers of the originating plant that can be a great starting point but more so what mood does the aroma of the oil evoke.

Take cedarwood for example. It evokes the image of a tall stable tree with brownish acorns. I use cedarwood essential oil with the base chakra for stability and strength to hold you firm in the midst of crisis.

To work with either a crystal or an essential oil

Set your intention to work with the crystal or essential oil to bring your chakras and the parts of your life their represent into harmony with each other.

That can be as simple as saying to yourself – today I’ll carry a rose quartz with me to remind me to be kind to myself.

Or putting a few drops of lavender essential oil into your diffuser with the intention of relaxing your mind from busy thoughts.

So what are the benefits of using crystals and essential oils to balance chakras?

To benefit from the balancing effects of either crystals or essential oils you don’t need any special knowledge beyond how to use them safely.

Just choose whichever one resonates with you for the moment. That may be its look, smell or texture. It may just be that you feel a glow of happiness to use it.

The benefits of using crystals and essential oils to balance chakras is quite wide and varied. There’s nothing too woo woo about them.

The fragrance of plants and flowers are widely used in perfumes, household cleaners and air fresheners. Some of them even contain either essential or fragrant oil as an ingredient along with various chemicals. So theirs nothing easier than choosing a blend of essential oils to put in your diffuser to create a fresh inviting aroma into your home. The side benefits are they also enhance the mood of the room.

Many children love crystals for their colour and texture. The mineral structure of many of them are part of school studies. Clear quartz is well known for its benefits to the radio. Selenite and salt lamps are popular for cleaning electromagnetic radiation emitted from computers and electrical equipment.

Some individual benefits of using crystals and essential oils to balance chakras include using a personal aura spray.

I have created three separate aura sprays that balance chakras. Calm and collected works on all 7 main chakras to drop you back into your body and ground you. Bold woman focuses on the solar plexus and sacral chakras so you take action on what’s important to you. Get going works on giving you energised focus and clarity to get motivated on your tasks.

Read more about the Dimensional Aura Sprays.


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