Dimensional Aura Sprays

changing moods with dimensional essential oil blends

With a love of essential oils and the changes available to us from their aroma particularly in aura sprays, I first came across them exploring new age type shops in the city as a young adult and I keep dipping back into them from time to time.

When we smell something, either pleasant or unpleasant our reaction is instant and memorable. Fragrant and essential oils are used in soaps and beauty products to enhance our experience of them. We also use fragrant or essential oils in diffusers to create or change the mood in our environment.

So what’s even better is to use essential oils to change our own mood. And this is the purpose behind my Dimensional Aura Sprays.

calm and collected aroma blend and aura spray

Chakra Aura Sprays

A year or more ago I started working with a specific essential oil for each of the 7 main chakras diffusing a single oil or using it in meditation. Then I wondered whether I could combine them all as a single blend to allow them to work together where needed.

So I took my 7 main essential oils and added patchouli which is my personal oil and did some research into blending. The result became my chakra spray calm & collected, which settles you down back into your body so you feel calmly in control.

But who can stop at just one of anything good, I know I can’t. And because all good things should come in threes I knew there were two more sprays essential to my collection.

So I thought about what other moods we really need to shift. And really when it comes down to it everything really comes back to our confidence in ourselves and our focused energy to get things done.

So armed with a blend name and a list of keywords for each I delved into my copy of “The Fragrant Mind” by Valerie Ann Worwood for oils to match.

Sprays with Intention

Carefree and Creative has a light sweet floral smell of geranium and ylang ylang with clove giving a hint of mystery.

It is linked to the keywords positively creative, assured, confident, courageous, joyful, self aware, happy.

Fresh Focus is a blend of essential oils that include peppermint, rosemary and patchouli that are linked to the keywords persistent, purposeful, concentrated energy, uplifting and stimulating. This blend speaks more to the thrid eye and throat chakras all with intention to get you motivated to achieve your plans.

And because my modalities include crystals and reiki each spray is blended with crystal essence and infused with reiki symbols and energy.

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