Today we have Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers

Tune into your heart and ask your question …
Then choose a Feather and allow your message to flow

Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers


Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers A

Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers

Emotional Sensitivity

Being sensitive is really a positive gift. Most likely at some point in time you’ve been teased or belittled for being “too sensitive” when in fact you’re tuned into your intuition.

Being sensitive means you pick up on those subtle signs when something isn’t right with someone. It may be about their health, their emotions or their trustworthiness.

You’re peace loving by nature so those harsher energies that involve conflict can be too much for you where others may thrive on it.

So honour your sensitive nature and surround yourself with gentleness in your relationships, homelife, work situation and media choices.

Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers B

Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers

If You Get Nervous Focus on Service

There are many aspects of life where we get nervous, not sure if we have the right skills. We get tied up in the worries like what if I can’t do this or what if they don’t like me.

When in fact your higher self’s mission is loving service to the Divine. Regardless of whether we’re doing obvious spiritual work like being a healer or serving at a store counter we have opportunities to help others through conversation and leading the way. The more we give over to our higher self to lead the way the more we grow, the more we give.

So if you get nervous start each day, each session, each project by asking the question “How may I serve?” which puts your Higher Self in charge. Then wait to see what unfolds.

Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers C

Angel Therapy Oracle Feathers

Singing and Dancing

It’s time for some creative expression and balance between work and play. Singing and dancing open your creative channels, giving you freedom to express yourself.

Musical expression is your soul’s way of connecting to the physical world. It allows you to gain a greater sense of your divine self.

Turn on some music and let your body lead the way, without planning or thinking about the movement. Sing along and let your emotions flow in free form expression.


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