Which ANGEL has a message for You?

Tune into your heart as you look at the Angels and ask for direction from your inner guidance.

Which Angel calls your attention and focus. You may be drawn to more than one. If so make note of their order so you can read the messages in that order

angel messages

Angel Messages A

angel messages

Heart Chakra

The answer you seek is in your heart right now!
The angels want you to trust your feelings. Your heart is wise, but every time you defy your inner feelings, your heart breaks a little bit. Instead honour your emotions. So if you’re unhappy with a situation, it means something is wrong and action is necessary.
Carry a pink rose or rose essential oil and inhale is fragrance often. Or carry a heart shape rose quartz crystal. Each of these help you keep your heart open.
The angels are with you, just ask them to surround you with pink light and healing

Open your heart to give and receive.

Angel Messages B

angel messages

Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings

Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine
You’re always receiving divine messages. These come to you through your emotional and physical senses as your body is sensitive to subtle energies.
You may not always understand your feelings yet they always have underlying accurate wisdom.

Notice any tension in your body. It’s a signal that your muscles are reacting to the energy of thoughts and emotions from either yourself or someone around you. Ask your body for more details then listen for the answers or feel your body sway in response

So trust your feelings and act upon them without delay.

Angel Messages C

angel messages

Base Chakra

Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career and finances as your words determine your outcome.

Use words that focus on the positive outcome of your current situation as that is what you want to draw to you.

Every worry is like a prayer drawing to you more of what you are worrying about. Instead replace your worries with affirmations and visualisations of gratitude. Picture yourself completely financially secure. Hold this vision, allow your body to relax and feel the warmth of gratitude in your heart, the sense of security in your stomach and the relaxation of all your muscles as you trust that this vision is manifesting for you right now

Open your flow of Divine manifestions, call upon your Angels to boost your faith and confidence.



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