Affirmations – Create your reality with your thoughts

“Affirmations have the potential to create our reality”

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Problem arises when the affirmations we say or think create a stress in our system thereby reinforcing the stress.

In Rekindled Ancient Wisdom we correct affirmations so that stress is removed. By doing this our energies are now open to receiving change.

Affirmations should feel good to say.

If you choose an affirmation which is so totally opposite of where you are, you will likely create stress instead. A better choice would be to break it down using a series of affirmations which will

  • clear initial stress
  • create positive change
  • feel comfortable in saying

so that when you do get to that big one it hasn’t been that giant leap.

Use the affirmation to retrain your focus. Spend a few minutes with the affirmation at the start of your day.

  • Say it fish-30837_150
  • think it
  • feel it
  • meditate on it

Then say the affirmation often throughout the day. If you find your thoughts drifting to negative things re-focus by saying the affirmation.

Next morning say your affirmation. How does it make you feel? Do you feel the need to continue with it? Are you ready for another one?

Make affirmations a part of your start to the day. Feel the real change happen. Listen to your moods and emotions and allow them to guide you to the right affirmation for the day.

Create your reality with your thoughts!

So tell me โ€“ have you used a great affirmation? One that really helped you make changes?

Please leave a comment and shareโ€ฆ.


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Affirmations – Create your reality with your thoughts — 14 Comments

    • Margaret, If you think of the obstacles between where you are and where you want to be then you’ll be able to create an affirmation for a solution to each and knock those obstacles down one by one ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I agree with Lisa. I use affirmations, but I also like to get clear on why I want something. This helps reinforce that I do want it to happen, which helps me believe it to happen. I can have the life of my dreams. I just have to believe in myself first. It’s also so very important to feel it. I ask myself “How would I feel if this were true?”
    Keri Kight recently posted…We All Have Something Wonderful to ShareMy Profile

    • Keri, I like the way you add “How would I feel if this was true? By doing this and visualising the result, you are taking away the possibility of stress as your mind is already processing it as real, as well as attracting it into your life. Thank You

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I recently switched from affirmations to afformations for exactly the reason you mentioned . . . the stress created by the current and future being so different. So, instead of saying, “I am now working with clients who invest $10,000 with me.” I now say, “Why are my clients investing $10,000 to work with me?” This allows my brain to think of solutions – and takes away the feeling that I was “lying” to myself.

    Your solution, of breaking the affirmations into smaller steps would serve the same purpose I’m sure!

    Lisa Mallis recently posted…My #1 Distraction BusterMy Profile

    • Lisa, In Rekindled Ancient Wisdom we “correct” the affirmations through out techniques and a correction point. This eliminates the stress, opening our energies to allow in change.
      Your method of allowing solutions to arise is very positive. Thank you

  3. I think I’m going to have to using the ‘I must remember to make an affirmation each day’ – ‘I must remember to make an affirmation each day’ – LOL

    • Caroline it’s so easy to make a daily affirmation / mantra / attraction which suits you.
      Today is a wondrous day full of productive conversations with clients, family and friends
      Or combine gratitude with
      Today I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, family, friends and clients.

    • Dizee, I loved your post on Mrs Meyers, she sounds incredible. I’m sure she had a start to her day that might of been
      Today I’m going to get that stain out of Billy’s pants ๐Ÿ™‚