3 Steps to Identifying Mindset Patterns

When we pay attention to what we say we identify recurring patterns in our life. This may be encouraging self talk or not. This may be in reaction to situations such as – This always happens.

Are You Stuck On Repeat?

Use these three steps to pay attention to your self talk

1. Listen to yourself

Listen to your conversations. Give your attention to the words and phrases you use. How do you sound. What emotions do your words evoke? What memories do you recall? What recurring patterns do you hear?

2. Identify repetitions

Identify what is repetitious in your speech.

Do you use the same phrases

  • If only ……
  • I always do that…
  • This always happens ….
  • I wish I could …..

Are the same situations occurring

  • you feel you’re caught in a revolving door
  • you regret your actions, wish you could respond differently
  • no one ever takes notice

What recurring mindset patterns do you recognise in your self talk?

woman on her phone looking online about the recurring patterns in her life



3. Assess the way you talk

“When you talk you use spoken language to express your thoughts, ideas or feelings.”

Where did those phrases come from?

  • Are they what other people have told you
  • How do those phrases make you feel
  • Do you believe that’s the way it is
  • Is this really what you want

What recurring patterns do you want to flip?

Once you’ve found a recurring pattern of speech how can you rephrase it so that you flip them into encouragement.

  • I can …
  • I am …
  • I trust that …

Create a new empowering statement and practice it each day to anchor it into your speech patterns.

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