3 Steps to Identifying Recurring Patterns

1. Listen to yourself

Listen to your conversations. Give your attention to the words and phrases you use. How do you sound. What emotions do your words evoke? What memories do you recall? What recurring patterns do you hear?

2. Identify repetitions

Identify what is repetitious in your speech.

Do you use the same phrases

  • If only ……
  • I always do that…
  • This always happens ….
  • I wish I could …..

Are the same situations occurring

  • you feel you’re caught in a revolving door
  • you regret your actions, wish you could respond differently
  • no one ever takes notice

What recurring patterns do you recognise?

 listening to words you use, assess their relevance in your life





3. Assess the way you talk

“When you talk you use spoken language to express your thoughts, ideas or feelings.” Collins Cobuild 2003

Where did those phrases come from?

  • Are they what other people have told you
  • How do those phrases make you feel
  • Do you believe that’s the way it is
  • Is this really what you want

What recurring patterns do you want to eliminate?

What changes do you want to make?

So tell me – do you have some easy ways of spotting those old stale patterns in yourself or those around you? Have you found strategies to deal with them? Please leave a comment and share….

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3 Steps to Identifying Recurring Patterns — 24 Comments

    • Judy I’m not sure what OC stands for. It sounds like you’ve identified some recurring patterns. There’s programmes and sabotages that get locked into our energy system creating havoc and become difficult to eliminate. As a Energy Healer the technique I use identifies and releases those recurring patterns, with ease. Feel free to contact me directly for more information on how I can help you.
      Lorelle recently posted…Make life simpler declutter your mindMy Profile

  1. I recognized I was giving away my power in certain relationships. Now I speak my truth and if they stay the respect that if the y don’t they usually go. It is work and something I continue to work on as people come in and out of my life.

    • Lisa I’m loving the way you and everyone else who has commented have found ways to speak your truth. It’s always difficult that first time, but as you become more true to yourself, it becomes much easier and more obvious to others

  2. I’ve done a lot of work over the years to eliminate the negative thought patterns and to change what I project. It’s not easy as quite often things are inherent in us from our childhood. My thought patterns have changed completely as a result. Thanks for sharing.
    Jen Hale recently posted…Why Women Are Worth It!My Profile

    • Hi Jen, We absorb so much from when we are children and it can sit in our energy. It certainly isn’t easy to shift, that’s where a RAW Balance can gather it from all the spots it’s hiding in our system and release it so much easier.

  3. I was caught up in a trap for the longest time….not really even giving attention to what I speech. I had a bad habit of speaking doom and did not realize it. I am a firm believer that “life and death is in the power of the tongue”, I believed that for yrs but did not realize that I was not acting on it. I have a motivational (well a few) CD’s about the words we speak. I listen to them off and on. I was well into my adult years with almost grown children before I realize this…now I share my experience with my sons.Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose
    Margaret recently posted…Tips To Help Combat Holiday PoundsMy Profile

    • Margaret we often don’t consider our thoughts and words and the power of attraction they have. I am so pleased you were able to create change through action and belief. Well done for sharing them with family and the work you do.

    • Hi Delia, This is a big one. The more we respond rather than react to situations, the more we stand in our own power. By identifying that you would rather have reacted differently to a particular situation, you become more aware of what “pushes your buttons” and therefore what changes you want to make. You can’t change the past, you can release it, learn from it and move on.

    • Jcqueline it sounds like this exercise could be the first step in setting some goals. The idea is to increase self awareness and determine where you feel any changes need to be, set some new goals and see what happens.. good luck By the way I visited your blog, love the jewellery designs

  4. Lorelle

    BUT . . . yep, that’s the word I notice when I’m about to state a limiting belief. I really want to go to that networking event, BUT I won’t know anyone. (Limiting belief of rejection). Or, I would join that professional organization, but I’m not sure where the money for dues would come from. (Limiting belief of scarcity).

    Awesome post – I’m watching for my “buts” today! 🙂

    Lisa Mallis recently posted…My #1 Distraction BusterMy Profile

    • Lisa have you found your word to replace the BUT? When we identify these limiting beliefs as you have done we can really focus on what we need for ourselves.

    • Linda do you have any strategies for how you’ve dealt with your own patterns, maybe just one thing that I can include in my next post on strategies?

  5. nice tips! I know I tend to repeat myself but I didn’t notice it until I noticed my momma doing it. I also noticed that when I visit home (down South), my accent gets real thick. But when I’m back in DC, it’s not nearly as deep, unless of course I’m trying to sweet talk someone or insult a rude person, bless your heart!
    jenniferlovettherbranson recently posted…Market your new book: 4 ways to kill it before it’s launchedMy Profile

    • Isn’t it amazing Jennifer how we slip straight back into familiar ways? I think the main thing is to be aware, then it’s your call if it’s an issue or not.

    • And Julie when you spot those recurring patterns I’d love to hear what you do with them. Not all recurring patterns are wrong for us, but when we’re aware of them we get to decide if they serve our purpose and deserve to stay.

  6. It’s certainly not a good idea to keep the same patterns and habits forever. You wouldn’t be able to grow and learn that way. Whenever I find myself in a reoccurring pattern or in my comfort zone, I branch out to something new. I challenge myself to try something new and different. I remind myself that I am powerful and I can achieve great things.
    Keri Kight recently posted…Why it’s Impossible to Please EveryoneMy Profile

    • Keri I love the way you are aware of your recurring patterns then use them to stretch and challenge yourself. This is a fabulous way to stand in your Personal Power.