3 reasons why you feel drained around others and simple ways to create change

You can feel drained when your own vibration is low.

Symptoms can include feeling tired, emotionally depleted, everything is an effort. You can become critical and gossipy. It’s easier to blame situations or other people instead of taking responsibility yourself.

You find you are sensitive to the moods of others, can take on their emotional issues and feel drained.

Residual energy in places can make you feel drained

Shared space like homes, workplaces, stairwells, shopping centres can retain the negative stagnant energy that passes through them. This is why just being at work can make you feel drained, tired, depleted. Now this stagnant energy can be absolutely anything from emotions, to illness, to actions. It can also be as simple as not enough natural airflow.

The People around you can make you feel drained

feel drainedThe vibration of the people you’re with can be low, and you will easily feel drained around them. These people can be intrusive with poor boundaries.

They can be overly dramatic, everything is a catastrophe. They are negative, always complaining, finding fault with just about everyone and everything in their lives.

They are  demanding and persistent, being unable to take no for an answer. Always wanting someone else to do things for them.

They blame everyone but themselves for their actions and problems. They refuse to take responsibility for their words and actions.

So what can you do so you no longer feel drained

Understand your own energy, improve your mindset and outlook, become aware of what you’re putting out and learn ways to cleanse your own energy.

Learn how to clear energy in your surrounds and protect your energy from collecting debris.

Create better energetic boundaries so you won’t feel drained

As you begin to understand your own energy you have a better understanding of those around you. It’s time to make changes about who you spend time with and how you interact.

Quite often you have no control over who you spend time with like work colleagues but you can learn to steer the conversation, gently educate others about better ways and become a role model. You can make better choices with people you spend time with and the places you go.

Ensure you set your energetic boundaries whenever you leave home.

Do you feel drained around others? What are you doing to minimise the effects of what happens around you?

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