Savvy creatives and deep thinkers have discovered that Chakras aren’t just about grounding and protection, they are also a transformative guide for self alignment.

There’s a lot of talk about mindset these days and let me tell you that mindset is more than navigating stress with ease.

Lots of online articles make it sound like you can magically flip a switch and shift your mindset.

But mindset includes those sneaky unconscious beliefs that are quietly running our lives and deciding what level of success we can and can’t have.

So, while shifting your mindset sounds simple, it does take effort and that’s where chakras complement your mindset practice


Mindset Blocks & The Chakras

If you’ve poked around my website a bit you might have learned that we all have unconscious beliefs that are quietly running our lives and deciding what level of success we can and can’t have.

Limiting beliefs around money, pursuing dreams, reaching goals can be as stubborn and frustrating as ink stains on your favourite shirt. We usually need a little help to shift those beliefs and develop new ones that will get us to our dream life.

And that’s where chakras come in to unearth what’s going on so you can take action and set those old beliefs free!


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My Story

Hi I’m Lorelle, a master energy practitioner

I’m a deep thinking, sensitive, loyal kind of woman. Oh and also a recovering overly responsible, people pleasing, planner.

Anyone relate?

I found chakra meditation & reiki healing almost by accident.

In the late 90’s, I thought my life was pretty boring, without any real purpose or direction.

So I went to a meditation class about chakras.

You see, from my first venture as a teenager into a new age shop I loved crystals and essential oils so when a Reiki Master came along to the group, demonstrated and offered workshops I was fascinated.

So I signed up.

And I was hooked

I spent weeks, months, years researching, learning and teaching chakra healing techniques around emotional wellbeing, positive mindset and self alignment.

How to help people RELEASE thoughts and emotions before they spiral downward. How to increase their positivity and happiness above baseline, even when their life was already good.

And chakra healing with meditation kept coming up as ongoing techniques for self alignment.

I tried them on myself and I tried them on friends and clients.

And I saw ALL areas of life improve.

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Dimensional Healing

Basically I help people release tension and restore the natural flow of energy in their lives