woman walking along pathway towards her chakra balancing session

How do you recognise your own unique value amongst the noise of daily life?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by the chaos, drained from all the to-do’s and being pulled in all directions?

Stuck in cycles of doubting yourself and overthinking everything!

You’ve mastered the art of anticipating what makes life easy for everyone around you.


So busy pleasing everyone else there’s no time left for you!

Sensitive caring women are especially attuned to the emotional energy of those around them.


You take on the worries you encounter, you may feel saddened by the difficulties someone else is experiencing, you put aside your own needs to help.

You end up feeling stressed and exhausted because you’ve absorbed those draining energies.

Chakra balancing to prioritise yourself!

I help sensitive stressed women stop worrying and overthinking ever little thing.

Instead take control of your life and put yourself first. Start by grounding yourself with chakra balancing.

Chakra Balancing is energy healing that focuses on directing universal energy into the seven chakras. This can be done through affirmations, colour meditation, visualising the chakras spinning in harmony with each other or using various energy healing modalities that focus on chakra balancing.

I combine various healing techniques into one balance process that includes chakra balancing.  I call this a ReSet. 


Ask Your Chakras - Free Guide

How Do I Help You Make Changes?

Hi I’m Lorelle

I find that by looking at life’s challenges through the lens of the chakra system we have a simple framework to assess our traits and behaviours. This highlights where our personal energy flow is being blocked and what steps are needed to release those blockages. Chakra balancing is just one part of that.

Together we delve into all 12 parts of your being to re-pattern the energy blockages identified so that you align with your life vision, a life led by you.


My clients are women who …

Struggle to put themselves first
Struggle with feeling lost or overwhelmed
Struggle with self doubt & overthinking everything
Struggle with emotional stress & feeling overly responsible


After working with me …
they emerge as confident in their own energy body, secure in their own value,
knowing which direction they are headed with the tools to clear their own path

I know you have a greater vision of what you want your life to be so together let’s ground it into reality.

Dimensional Healing

Being clear with your intentions of what you want in life sets a clear path for your energy to flow with.  Vision, Actions, Thoughts, Emotions in Sync!

Are you ready to ReSet Yourself?

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