Are you working from a Home Office

Working from a Home Office either as a Solo Worker or Small Business can be very isolating. You need to have systems and boundaries in place so you don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself.

When working from a home office you need to have a defined office area away from living space.

If you can close the door or not see the main house area, the distinction between home and office will be clear. This allows you to be totally present when at home or at work. If you choose to take work into the kitchen or verandah then it’s a clear choice.

working from a home office

Working from a home office

Creating set work time routines helps set boundaries for yourself and others when you’re working from a home office.

An early morning routine to take care of daily household tasks, helps create order in your mind, enabling your mind to shift from home to office much easier.

Set yourself blocks of time to take care of work tasks, emails, calls, making sure you break for coffee and meals. Give yourself a finish time for the day. If you do an evening block of work still have set times.

Let family and friends know what hours you are unavailable. Encourage non household family and friends to “make appointments”, rather then just dropping by. This way you can arrange to sometimes meetup when you are out doing errands.

By doing this, it encourages you to get out of the house, see other people, and set time boundaries where you need to. Working from a home office need not be isolating, just well planned.

So tell me – Do you work solo? Have you got techniques for setting boundaries? Do you have any advice to share for others who work from home?

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Are you working from a Home Office — 19 Comments

  1. I work from home, and do find that I like having systems, but I still need the flexibility to move them around. Some days I’m not ready to start with the thing I would normally start with, but I’m inspired to do another thing instead, so I switch them. Inspired action!

  2. Great advice Lorelle! I do work from my home office and I’ve been successful getting my family on board. They are respectful and do not disturb me during ‘office hours.’ I started my boys with this when they were very young by taping a printout of a STOP sign on my office door to remind them visually not to come in. It was really effective!

    Also setting blocks of time to do certain tasks is so helpful. Facebook isn’t going anywhere, I can shut it down for a few hours to focus on other tasks.

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  3. Thank you – this is a useful post. I live on my own, which means I have all the solitude I want (lovely!). I need to vigilant about setting my own boundaries – my tendency is to work too much! I have a morning routine that has taken me months to develop, and now I relax a lot more during the day. Important!
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  4. I love the advice, although I have to admit implementing it is a whole other story. One I can’t seem to get a handle on. My husband and I have to share an office space, that also quadruples as the craft room, tool room (we don’t have a garage), and spare bedroom (yes it’s a VERY small house). Have any advice on how to piecemeal the transition (besides purchasing a bigger house lol)?
    Victoria Carter recently posted…Christmas MadnessMy Profile

    • Hi Victoria, wow that’s alot to fit into one room. I would look at the room size first. How can you have a spare bed that folds away the best to suit the rest of the needs? and how often is the bed needed?
      Then divide the area in a way that can easily be shifted if needed for the bed. Tool room – not sure if you mean storage or using tools. But I think you each need a compact desk for office and another desk each for craft/tools. Make sure the furniture items are on wheels, locking ones are available.
      It is possible to have a built in wardrobe, when you open the doors your desk space is available, with the option of an extra desktop that swings out for L shape. Upper shelves with storage boxes for craft or tools. A wardrobe each, set up so that doors can be kept closed when not in use, then the room has a pull out sofa bed with 2 office chairs. I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of ideas. You need to be organised with quantity of tools and craft items and have those sorted and stored so they can be easily used and put away tidily. You’re limited but the more space you have you can often fill it with unnecessary items. Would love to hear what sort of design you end up with. Let me know if you want more help with it.
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    • Hi Carol, you have a clear way of working. At my home we have an open door system. Being only hubby and me that is easy to work.
      Sometimes I’ll shut the door when doing a balance session for someone. But the office remains open. Hubby pops in occasionally, just in passing, but he takes his lead from me. If I’m clearly working, he shares what he came to say, then heads off. If I’m just playing around then he may stay a bit. I know if I’m not focused on what I need to be doing it’s easy to let him distract me, so it’s really about creating boundaries and disciplines for ourselves.
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  5. Though I do not primarily work from home, I have a home office where I blog and but find it tough to keep everyone from making it a catch all. I am not sure why. But I definitely need to lay down some boundaries down.
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  6. These are all great tips! I do find that if I make a to-do list the night before, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on all my tasks. Being organized in thought in in the physical work place is a must! Thank you for this post!
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  7. Great timely post especially this time of year! Working from home can become isolated or overwhelming with all the “urgencies” showing up. For me heaving that special work place that separates from other areas is the key and setting up blocks of work time where phone and everything else is off. Not easy for a goal to strive to daily. I appreciate the reminder. Thanks!
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  8. I 60% work at home and sometimes is really not easy set boundaries, especially in the afternoon when I start thinking about cooking dinner. As you suggest, household tasks are generally first things of early morning, I like starting working knowing that the house is ok! Then I got used to set an alarm clock usually at 6.30 p.m. so I have enough time to cook (and relax!) and I got used to set a meal week plan… It is helpful!