Soul Aligned Business

8 Energetic Steps to Soul Aligned Business

Group Program to Become a 🧲 Magnet to Your Ideal Client and Sell with Ease
🧲 8 Energetic Steps to Soul Aligned Business – your design to align you and your business so you attract your ideal client and sell with ease.
Just like you your business has energy centres. These 8 Energetic Steps to Soul Aligned Business are designed to align these energy centres so your core message flows throughout your whole business to attract the right clients.
You will also learn methods to clear your own blocks of resistance that may arise to limit your growth as a business woman



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Imagine shifting from…

✨ Feeling flat and lost to having a direct path to follow

✨ Being overwhelmed by your vision to knowing what to do energetically everyday to realise it

✨ Feeling unsure to having solid confidence in your content and marketing plan

✨ Having no idea what changes you need to implement in your business to having a daily plan of action

✨ Hating sales to embracing aligned connection to those you wish to serve

✨ Being bogged down with expensive systems to using super simple methods you can action today – KISS

✨ Having no clue of how to express the transformational results you provide to being super clear and confident on the value you provide so clients are naturally drawn to you


📌 8 Modules to Create Your Business Energetic Design which includes practical exercises that include ideal client, branding, content and marketing as well as visualisations and more.

📌 Access to me in a private group. I will review your design and answer your questions 5 days a week.

📌 Single Daily Prompts that move you forward One day at a time. I show you how to energetically align your business with your dream client and clear the blocks along the way

📌 Lifetime access to the 8 Energetic Steps Library, containing over 50 Prompts, PDFs and Worksheets to move forward in your business

Together we’ll develop the energy centres of your business and you’ll learn how to connect with your ideal client without fancy tech or complicated systems

So are you ready for 8 Energetic Steps to Soul Aligned Business

💜 One payment of $995 AUD approx $695 US

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