Raise Your Vibe

Raise Your Vibe

We’ve all had times where we’ve felt out of kilter. When our energy has felt ‘off” or we’ve felt drained, overwhelmed or even super excited.

When our energy feels “off” this has a huge impact on how we feel, connect & engage in life which then has an effect on our success, fulfillment & joy in life.

Learning how to strengthen your chakras is an important step to improve your career, finances, health, relationships and emotional well-being.

It’s laying a solid foundation to enable you to thrive & maintain your energy.

You become more aware of your own feelings, opinions and needs. You move through situations more aware of your response rather than just reacting.

With a developed ongoing self care practice such as setting healthy boundaries, meditation, and energy cleansing you are embracing your inner wisdom.

Your inner guidance let’s you know when issues arise that your standard routine is not clearing. That’s when you know its time to book a personal session.

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Raise Your Vibe

As part of learning to strengthen your energy system I also run Raise Your Vibe workshops.

raise your vibe

This is a beginner workshop covering

  • the basics of the 7 main chakras
  • what area of the body each one is connected to
  • how each can effect your quality of life
  • simple ways to cleanse + balance your own chakras
  • simple ways to meditate
  • crystals, colour and food to support each chakra


My Raise Your Vibe workshop will also be available soon as an online class so keep in touch to hear more. I also discuss these topics through my blog and newsletter.

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