Healing Session

Dimensional Energy Healing Session

In each energy healing session we discuss the issues that are bothering you.

These are the problems that are causing you to feel restless, unsure of your direction in life. The worrying thoughts that keep hammering your mind to be resolved. Or the emotions you find difficult to express, like telling someone how a particular conversation really upset you. Or maybe you have a persistent physical injury that just won’t clear up.

Next we work through an intuitive muscle test process that uses affirmations, crystals, visualisations, and oracle cards to give insight to change your emotional response to what has been happening. It’s like clearing out the old information to leave free space for something new.

Lastly I balance your chakras and top up your inner power line with Reiki before closing off the energy healing session

So that you feel relaxed, aligned + focused

Benefits of a Dimensional Energy Healing Session

Deep relaxation, more restful sleep
Greater sense of peace & wellbeing
Emotional strength & balance
Relief from stress, anxiety & overwhelm
Enhancing clarity & focus
Alleviate headaches, aches & pains
Promoting healing & growth in your life

Who I Work With 

I help caring sensitive women who feel stressed, stuck or overwhelmed relax those anxious thoughts and past regrets so you can feel confident and capable to be able to take the steps to connect with what is really important to you

  • Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Social fears
  • Difficulty healing
  • Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
  • Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
  • Negative thinking
  • people going through transitional life stages – home, work, empty nest

energy healingThe changes you can expect in your life may be obvious and very definite. Or they may be very subtle. Or after a few weeks you may realise that some problem has just gone away leaving you feeling balanced and in control. Your decision process is clear, you know what you want and take action on it. You feel better about life.

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Energy Healing

During energy healing sessions you clear away all the old stuck emotions and hurts that have built up over time. You release limiting beliefs and patterns, self doubt, anxiety, fear, sadness and overwhelm. Sounds horrible doesn’t it?

Often as a child when we get upset we’re told to not worry about it, stop being a cry baby, it doesn’t matter. Our concerns haven’t been answered, our emotions are not acknowledged, we may feel that we don’t matter. We learn to do as we’re told.

But when emotions are not expressed, understood and released they build up. They become stored in the body as physical pain. An energy healing session releases the hurt so you learn to tune into your feelings for the wisdom they share.

Old hurts can build to a point where a small trigger can set off large overwhelm for you and disrupt your current life. Emotional clutter affects yourself, your work, your home, your relationships.

Energy healing allows you to have a fresh perspective on your life without the clutter of built up emotional gunk.

You will feel better able to respond to situations, people and life secure in your own energy separate to the influence of others.

 Creating Serenity through all Dimensions of Yourself!

As we work with your energetic system you have a choice of a inperson Energy Healing session at Trevallan in Ipswich Qld  To Book a time Send me an Email

Or we work remotely online or via phone

Start Healing Now!

What Clients Are Saying

Telsa – Oh wow I feel like me again! (inperson )

Bev – I watched the fog lift and drift away. (inperson )

Netta – I felt the energy flow from my head down through my body and drain away the toxins (inperson )

Kristy – I can’t believe how relaxed safe and protected I feel,  how much I feel grounded and  connected to myself. (online )

Julieanne – Love ya work Lorelle  Stress relief💕   thanks for my session last week. I really enjoyed the whole process and best of all you brought me back to the land of the living and my eyes improved and became more relaxed and light.xx (online )

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