Business Energy Healing

Business Energy Healing

The Business energy healing is for your business. When you create your business you create energy centres or chakras as you go. These energy centres are your business energetic design.

The foundations start with the purpose, this is your core message of what you do, who you help and why for your ideal client. Then you develop the identity and persona of the business. When you are really strong in these first two centres that core message flows through so you are seen and heard.

Yourself and your business are two separate identities and energy flows between them. This relationship needs to be aligned and balanced to create a strong signal to attract clients.

Business energy healing is for the business, for yourself and the energy between you.

The foundational energy centre is often based on your beliefs, emotions and actions. The business is then influenced by its own interactions with clients, suppliers and its surrounding environment as well as the ongoing relationship between yourself and your business.

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Energy Design Balance

Firstly we discuss the problems you feel your business is experiencing. These could be day to day organisation, money flow problems, content creation, consistent clients or anything within the usual ebbs and flows of business.

Next I do an audit of your website and social media accounts to identify key factors. During this I often get insights and ideas that you might not yet have considered. I also create a list of practical actions you can implement straight away.

Lastly I call in the energy of the business and do a business energy healing on it. This is similar to a chakra balance where anything not needed is deleted making sure energy flows well between all of the centres.

Business Energy Healing Sessions

  • Design Balance for your business
  • Personal Balance for yourself
  • Energy between yourself and your business
  • Advanced energy balance for your business

These sessions are available as separate sessions or as a bundle

An advanced energy healing for your business integrates the changes and growth that has occurred since the beginning of your business.

Advanced Energy Healing for Your Business

In addition to the business energy centres there are 3 levels of business. These are conception, day to day and future. If you’re struggling to get ahead with new ideas than its likely these 3 levels are out of alignment with each other.

energy healing for your business

Step One of an Advanced Energy Balance for Your Business

In this first step of the advanced energy balance for your business we take the exact same issues and balance them on each level of the business. This clears out old ways of working, outdated beliefs to welcome in fresh opportunities. It also integrates skills and growth through the 3 levels.

Now that you’ve been in business for a few years your business model is likely to be vastly different to its beginnings. This is an ideal time to integrate the 3 levels ready for all the new ideas you’re wanting to implement to generate higher income.

I know I have pivoted the direction of my business several times over the past few years. Each time I make sure I do an advanced energy balance so that my business is anchored in this new direction rather than still working towards past goals.

Step Two of an Advanced Energy Balance for Your Business

In this second step of the advanced energy balance for your business we clear that space between you and your business. This is the overlap that collects the energetic dust that sits between you.

I recommend an advanced energy balance for your business yearly so that you are assessing your business and shifting unwanted energy in a regular cycle. This is energy healing on a deeper level for your business. Then during the year regular personal balance and a simple business balance on rotation each month is ideal for any day to day issues that may arise.