Business Energy Coaching

Business Energy Coaching for Soul Aligned Business

Business Energy Coaching is available for savvy coaches or consultants who want to naturally attract your ideal clients.

When I did my practitioner training in each energy healing modality we covered the techniques, how to work with a client and how to create a healing space. The business aspects were not covered in any way. Now I fill in those gaps for other practitioners and consultants through business energy coaching.

Client Attraction

Each business coaching session revolves around practical business concepts. We cover topics such as financial record keeping, client data base, email management, identifying your ideal client, personal and business branding, content management, social media basics and more.

Each session is designed to define the core message of your business for client attraction.

Mindset and Boundaries

Mindset is a large component of being a business owner. Starting a business is a personal journey. Energy coaching also looks at your mindset, where you may feel any fear or resistance in your capabilities.

Often everyone you know has an opinion on what you’re doing so you will learn methods to keep your focus on you.

I believe Boundaries start with you. When you make decisions on what you want and how you will achieve it you can organise your schedule to suit. Boundaries start with your commitment to yourself then putting in place policies and procedures to create healthy business boundaries. It is up to you to lead the way.

Business Energy Coaching Availability 

Business energy coaching is available as a single session to work through a specific issue you have business or mindset. One hour via zoom

A block of of coaching delivered as 2 sessions per month is also available to work through a more detailed plan. We’ll create a plan designed to accomplish specific goals and mindset particular to your business.

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