ReBuild Your Identity

ReBuild Your Identity

Sometimes you need to totally ReBuild your identity. As a caring sensitive woman you often give over your needs because of your strong values. Often its not because of any one person or situation.  You take on roles, Daughter, Mother, Wife, Friend,Volunteer, Worker. You become so busy being you lose sight of who you are.

It’s easier to let others decide, it saves arguments. But there comes a time when you feel you don’t know yourself, what you want or what you believe.

As a child your sensitive caring nature shines through. You’re biddable, you like helping, you try your best, you’re loyal, conscientious and trustworthy. As you grow up you take these traits into your worklife, your relationships and your community.

You’re not selfish. As a child you learnt how to share your possessions, your time, your skills. You learnt how to keep quiet and let others have their turn first.

As an adult you find your kind unselfish self gets taken advantage of. Life feels unfair. Someone else gets ahead while you are left doing the work. You feel abused, uncared for, lost, lonely, unloved. You no longer know who you are or if you ever did.

So let’s fix that and ReBuild Your Identity!

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It’s time to take control and ReBuild Your Identity

This is a package of 4 sessions each approx 60 mins that combines Mentoring and ReSet sessions to enable you to rebuild your identity one step at a time.

Session One is a ReSet session where we’ll clear away unwanted emotional crap to give you clarity to move forward.

Session Two is a Mentoring session where together we’ll work through your values, your goals, your gifts. Creating a vision of yourself at your most confident, rebuilding your identity, that essence that resides within you.

Session Three is another ReSet session focusing on letting go of past expectations and locking in the new vision of yourself.

Session Four is a Mentoring session to develop ongoing self care practices, healthy boundaries, identify your sensitive superpower and how to embrace it naturally as you tune into your inner wisdom!

Shine Your Light!

As we work with your energetic system you have a choice of inperson ReSet you Energy sessions at Trevallan in Ipswich Qld To Book a time  Send me an Email

Or we work face to face online via zoom. Zoom is an online programme that can be used with your smart phone, tablet or computer so that we can see and talk to each other. This allows me to work energetically with you in a similar way to how we would do so inperson.

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