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Energy ReSet Sessions

We can can declutter the energy of all areas of your life, your personal energy,the energy in your business and the energy between you and your business and of course the energy in any relationship.

Each energy reset session follows the same process.

I blend a few energy modalities together depending on what comes up for each client. I open various access points on your body, we talk about the issues you want to let go of or attract then work through a scan list using a muscle test process.

The scan list includes another list of points which I touch and you say a specific affirmation, there are visualisations, sometimes we go back to a past life or past situation and release stuff there, oracle cards and crystals are also on the list.

Lastly I fill your energy system with reiki loving energy.

For Individual sessions allow around 75 mins.  Current pricing  Energy ReSet packages are also available.  Combine a personal session, a business session and a relationship session between you and your business for a focus on your productivity and profit.

We do the session online via zoom. Let me know if you have questions or we can jump on zoom for a quick chat

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Energy ReSet for You

Energy ReSet sessions work on your energetic system, chakras, aura, vibration, your emotional body to clear away the stagnant emotional clutter.

Old hurts can build to a point where a small trigger can set off large overwhelm for you and disrupt your current life. Emotional clutter affects yourself, your business, your home, your relationships.

This session is focused on you as an individual. Once we have you on track then we can balance the areas and relationships around you. This includes your home, your business or workplace, personal and work relationships. This realigns yourself and your business energy to increase your passion, productivity and profits, resulting in better self and better relationships.

Each energy reset session starts with you setting intentions of issues you are aware you want to work with. Some to release, others to attract.

Then I use a combination of access points, a muscle test system and a scan list to reset your energy.

Energy ReSet for Business

Just like for yourself we also do a energy reset for your business. This works directly with your business, the chakras and energetic system of your business to clear away stagnant energy to make room for what you want for your business. Again we set the issues you want to work with. These are usually the day to day problems such as money flow, clients supplying the information you need, suppliers being timely, arguments occurring in shared space with other businesses and much more.

Energy ReSet for Relationships

The energy between yourself and your business can get blurred overtime. Both you  and your business develop in skills, services and ideas. This balance clears old energy that may get stuck between you, ensuring you’re both focused on the same outcome.

Energy can get stuck between people. When you feel you haven’t been heard or understood during a conversation with a colleague or loved one, that energy can get stuck in the space between you.

Often groups of people with diverse ideas, opinions and preferences need to work together. This may be a family, a work group, a sporting team. We can work on the combined energy of the group for a common goal.


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