Work life balance – Are you making time for yourself?

Work life balance is so important in our busy lives. We can so easily get caught up in what we need to do for work or our business, our family and our homes that making time for ourselves can get forgotten.

Work Life Balance – Are you making time for yourself?

Recently I’ve been very focused on my business, spending all my free time, writing posts, updating the website, creating workshop documents, reading information…….. you know what it’s like, right?

So last weekend I took a day off, away from the computer and went to my monthly Bead Meet. Beading is my hobby and a micro business. The idea of the day is we all get together to work on a project, talk about beads, share places to buy supplies, tutorials and other information.

work life blance

work life balance

Three of us worked on the day’s project. Mine is the middle one.

work life balance

Crystals are so difficult to photograph, especially quickly or with ipads and poor lighting at the end of the day.

This is how I build work life balance into my day, week, month. It’s time out of my usual day, a flow of creativity, social activity and using my brain differently.

To be truly balanced you need to have work life balance, you need to have time for yourself. Time however short where you put yourself first. If you can have a little time each day where you put yourself first, your energy is uplifted. You are then able to give focus to what you need to do.

For some it’s a hobby, sport, pamper time, a walk in nature or just a relaxing hour in the bath. Whatever it is, it’s about time for you. It’s about work life balance for you.

So tell me – How do you unwind? What do you do to refuel your energy by having a little time to yourself?

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Work life balance – Are you making time for yourself? — 14 Comments

  1. I love these necklaces. I’ve always been interested in creating my own jewelry. I just haven’t pursued it…..

    When I need some “me” time I go outside and/or curl up with my books, and possibly my cats. 🙂

    This past weekend I went to a horror convention and had a blast. It reminded me that I need “me” time to keep my sanity in place. 😉
    Keri Kight recently posted…Interview: Diane Taylor from Glow Leadership Inc.My Profile

  2. I feel the same way about spending all my time on my business right now! However, I totally agree that is is essential to make sure to give ourselves time as well so we don’t run ourselves into the ground. I like to go to a dance cardio class and shake out all my stress or enjoy a nice glass of red wine with loved ones. Sometimes it can be hard to take time out to do those types of things, but I feel so much better when I do.
    Alexandra @ Made to Glow recently posted…Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Green Smoothie (Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free)My Profile

  3. Beautiful necklace! I love that you take the time to schedule in some balance . . . otherwise, it’s so easy to just work, work, work! To keep balance in my day, I schedule in a break for lunch (outside with weather permitting) and on the weekends I’ll unplug for a good portion of the weekend to spend uninterrupted time with family.
    Lisa Mallis recently posted…Is the 30 Day A.W.E. Inspired Challenge for You?My Profile

  4. I am a Primary School Teacher and have to work hard on finding me time.
    My 2 dogs are my life-line. I walk them every day for an hour. During that time I think/clear my mind, exercise, enjoy the scenery, relax and chat to other dog-walkers.
    My aim is to try to fit in a walk time in the evening too – but genuinely have so much to do. What would help me the most is a boss who took her obligations to protect her workforce’s work-life balance seriously!

    Enjoyed reading your post. Thanks.

  5. My time to myself is my exercise time, either in the gym or outdoors for a run. I do love the bead meets and I need to find a way to incorporate more beading into my life as a creative outlet. As I grow my own business in fitness the creative time will give me more balance.