What is unhealthy worry and what to do about it

Unhealthy worry is a form of stress where anxious thoughts take over your life. Unhealthy worry prevents you from feeling happy. It stops your normal activities. It makes you feel miserable.

Unhealthy Worry

Worrying is actually a very normal instinctive emotion that helps protect us. Worrying has been hard wired into humans to help us survive. It arises from a time of hostile tribes and wild animals to help humans survive those threats.

In modern times there still are very real dangers to our wellbeing and livelihoods. You want to take reasonable precautions against illness, injury and accident. So some form of worrying is beneficial. It makes you aware of your surroundings and any precautions you need to be aware of.

But what starts as a natural very practical form of concern can turn into a persistent form of worry. The kind of unhealthy worry that has you obsessing about things that might never happen.

Healthy worry is reasonable concern and motivation to protect yourself. The sort of concerns that reminds you to organise insurance, plan home or car maintenance, or make sure you check on a relative.

So what is unhealthy worry

Unhealthy worry is a complex emotion that makes you miserable. It involves negative thoughts, obsessive thinking, self doubt, anxiety and fear. It’s with you all the time. You keep coming back to whatever has set off these thoughts. You just can’t shake it loose. This sort of worry is a symptom of other problems.

Unhealthy worry comes from the emotional baggage we carry around. We begin to acquire it as a child. We develop unconscious beliefs when things happen.  If we don’t process our responses or our concerns are not heard and resolved, we often don’t let go of the worry. These occurrences build up in our memory banks. They create beliefs such as

  • If I make a mistake, I will be a failure
  • If I lose control, I’m in danger
  • People will think I’m a loser
  • Every time I have fun, someone gets hurt
  • If I don’t do as I‘m told, I will be punished
  • Nobody loves me

As similar situations happen throughout life these emotional memories are revisited. Someone presses the button. Your reaction is to slip into defense mode to protect yourself.

How to recognise unhealthy worry

So how do you recognise the difference between concerns and emotional baggage

  • Are you more anxious than relaxed?
  • Are you more unhappy than happy?
  • Are you unwilling to take reasonable risks?
  • Do your worries interfere with your normal activities?
  • Do you worry about things that are not real or immediate threats?
  • Do you have difficulty enjoying yourself because you worry so much?

So if you answered mostly No to these questions then you’re most likely a healthy worrier. If not then I’m sure you’re already taking steps to work on your anxious thoughts.

Always see your health practitioner and discuss your particular worries and concerns. Energy healing is a complementary therapy which works side by side the medical field. It works on the emotional memories that you hold on to. Read More about my healing sessions

There are also steps you can work through for yourself.

– learn simple meditation techniques to distract your mind on to other subjects

– spend time in nature

– practice reaching for a better thought

– writing out your thoughts and feelings (Read about Journaling or Purging)

– learning techniques to bring your attention back to yourself and away from those distressing thoughts

If have problems with unhealthy worry My suggestions are

Step 1 – See your usual medical practitioner

Step 2 – Write out what’s bothering you, the situation, who is involved

Step 3 – Acknowledge your feelings so you can let them go

Step 4 – Need more help then Book a Healing Session with Me!

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