1:1 Energy Alignments

SEAM is the Sway Energy Alignment Method that uses your body as a pendulum just like Kinesiology muscle testing, to gently and effectively bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the energetic core of your body.

This is the method I teach in my ecourse – Align Your Energy.

But not everyone wants to go it alone. During these 1:1 Energy Alignment sessions together we identify what your current issues are, map them out and release them using SEAM combined with Dimensional Balance.

Do you feel like your emotions are holding you back? Emotions such as stress, fear, self doubt. These emotions can be seen as attachments that get trapped in the body and stored in the nervous system because they haven’t been processed at the time of a trauma event.

Let’s look at emotion as energy in motion. The motion is flow. Emotions arise in response to external influences such as when something upsets you or a trauma occurs and you let them flow. When this flow is blocked, stagnation occurs which leads to problems such as physical ailments.

Your brain stores these memories of unresolved emotions and adds them to all the other information it stores from past experiences to create a data bank. Then it creates thoughts and beliefs around those memories and drags them out as recurring patterns in response to new experiences. This is what keeps you feeling stuck in a loop of repetitive situations.

How does the sway energy method work?

The Sway Energy Alignment Method identifies these recurring patterns and releases them from the places they are stored in your body. It then restores the emotional and physical balance in your body which empowers you to attract new experiences.

The SEAM technique is simple and can be used anywhere anytime for emotional release, to help make decisions or to shift doubts and insecurities before they create a problem. This takes away the habit of second guessing yourself.

The inner work happens when you dismantle a problem and systematically release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are entangled within it.

Then continue to use this method to stay in flow with your choices in life moving forward.

How does the dimensional balance work?

Dimensional Balance uses muscle testing to access the energetic source of ancient times that are held within your cells. This enables you to re-pattern the energy blockages in the cells that are creating emotional, physical or soul imbalances, keep focused on the Soul’s direction and help you to reach your full potential.

By the use of Scan Lists and more the balance helps to find blockages within all Twelve Parts of the Being, on multiple levels and dimensions, that are manifesting as pain, illness, emotional upsets, confusion or dysfunction at any level.

The Dimensional balance accesses traumas of the past, present and future, in a non-invasive way, releasing past failures, fears and blockages that are hindering your progress this lifetime.

When we use both of these systems in an alignment session the client takes a conscious active role in their healing process.