Crystal Healing Jewelry and Aura Sprays

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Crystal Healing Jewelry uses the vibrational properties of the crystal to support you as you work on similar issues. When you choose to work with something that has it’s own vibration which doesn’t change like crystals or flowers or even colours, your own vibration will alter to match that stable vibration. This is the benefit of wearing crystals as jewelry, popping them in your pocket (or bra) or having them on your work desk. They also look pretty and complement your wardrobe.

Similarly the aura sprays contain crystal and flower essence which change your vibration when you breathe in the essence or wipe it through your aura and over your chakras.

How to Use the Aura Sprays

Shake the bottle well to energise the aura mist. Close your eyes and spray 2 to 3 pumps of the mist above the head and allow it to gently settle around you. Give yourself a minute to breathe in the mist and relax. Feel the difference.

Or spray a couple of pumps on one hand, then rub your hands together anti clockwise 3 times, that magical number, then slowly pass your hands down through your aura. Breathe in the essence and pass your hands slowly over each chakra and feel the difference.

You can also spray into any space you occupy including rooms, car or work spaces. Spray 2 to 3 pumps of the mist in to all corners and the centre of a room transforming the energy of the environment.

So crystals mists, flowers and colour in general can raise your vibration. All crystal healing jewlery here in my shop has been handmade by myself only, using crystal gemstones from a reliable local wholesaler. The aura sprays are handmade locally by a lovely friend of mine. She also sells the aura mists through various new age shops and health food stores. So happy shopping, any questions just drop me a line via my contact link.


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