Reiki Dolls

Reiki Dolls available for purchase

♥ These Reiki Dolls are made with pretty cotton fabric and hand embroidered face. Inside is a selection of crystals, chosen for their vibrational energy to assist the 7 main chakras of the body. As well as the special symbols drawn inside, the Doll as been attuned as a Reiki Healer. Feel the calming energy from the Reiki Dolls. A perfect gift for anyone.

♥ Either hold or rest the reiki dolls on your chest while you are sleeping, meditating, or simply relaxing. This doll is a perfect gift for friends who are stressed or convalescing.

♥ These Reiki Dolls measures 20cm x 14cm (8” x 5.5”) and are handmade with cotton fabric and polyester filling.

~ To Receive ~ Heartfelt Serenity

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