Workplace Serenity

Workplace Serenity

We begin with a Business Strategy Session where we sort out the practical issues.

We assess your current bookkeeping methods. Update outstanding data as necessary ready for your Accountant.  Then put new bookkeeping processes in place to stay current.

We look at your other systems for customer data base, marketing, social media and project planning. Streamlining your processes to suit your business needs.

Dimensional Balance

Next we do the three initial balances to clear old thoughts and beliefs to re set your energies to vibrate here and now. This brings clarity and confidence between yourself and your business.

First for yourself around issues impacting your business. Second for your business to clear stagnate energy and attract fresh situations. Then third to align yourself and your business.

During a Dimensional Balance we discuss the issues that are bothering you or your business, what you want to release from your life or your business so that you can attract positive new energy and situations. Your Energy System works on what is the highest priority at the time.

Then using a blend of energy modalities we reset your energy system. This may include affirmations, intuitive messages or oracle cards. We anchor the new energy to yourself and business with crystals.

You may experience changes in energy, including hot/cold sensations, tingling or pulsating or you may feel nothing at all. My clients find it is a relaxing, refreshing feeling regardless of any specific experience. It can take a day or two to fully process the healing, so plenty of water is recommended.

The changes you can expect in your life may be obvious and very definite. Or they may be very subtle. After a few weeks you may realise that some problem has just gone away leaving you feeling balanced and in control. Your client work flows, your business thrives, creating workplace serenity.

As an individual with very individual needs and issues your energy makes changes as you need.

Benefits of Dimensional Balance include

  • Feeling balanced
  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Emotional cleansing
  • Clear past programmes and beliefs
  • Reset your energy to vibrate here and now
  • Improve clarity, focus, concentration, confidence
  • Feeling aligned with your work purpose and business

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