Dimensional Reiki

Feel calm, satisfied and Confident from Inside Out with each Dimensional Reiki session unique to your goals

It’s never too late to become you!

You continually adapt yourself to fit in with the people around you. You send out little pieces of yourself in so many ways that you can feel like a zigsaw puzzle that’s missing some of it pieces. This creates self doubt, emotional stress and disharmony within you.

So instead let me guide you in pulling all those fragments back into yourself so you feel whole, complete and self confident with a real sense of peace from within.

What happens in a Dimensional Reiki Session

In each Dimensional Reiki session we start with talking about whats currently happening in your life, the changes you want to implement, and what’s blocking your progress

We discuss your feelings and beliefs around the problems and ongoing tools to bring you in alignment with the natural essence of you.

There is no need to rehash or experience old trauma.

Instead we work through my unique process that combines energy healing techniques, colour essence cards, affirmations and more to release those blocks and emotions so that you gain clarity to begin the changes you want.

Dimensional Reiki for self confdienceBenefits of a Dimensional Reiki Session

Deep relaxation, more restful sleep
Greater sense of peace & wellbeing
Feeling a sense of satisfaction
Emotional strength & balance
Improved Self Confidence

Enhanced clarity & focus
Relief from stress, anxiety & overwhelm
Alleviates headaches, aches & pains
Promotes healing & growth in your life

So let’s focus on You & the changes you are creating

So that you feel calm, satisfied and Confident from Inside Out knowing that you are in control of what direction your life is taking

Are you ready to focus on You?

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