Meet The Davis Siblings

Make Family Dynamics Cohesive – We take care of ourselves; we take care of each other; and we take care of our things.

The Davis Siblings are Liam 12, Ava 10 and Lilly 7. Their Mum is Emma, she works part time at the local shopping centre. Dad Tom is a tradesman who runs his own business.

They’re very much like any family. Tom works long hours while Emma juggles home, work and kids. And the siblings are good kids but they squabble and won’t pick up after themselves. So Emma feels overwhelmed and pulled apart as she struggles to do everything while trying to keep the peace. It’s time to make family dynamics cohesive.

Emma initially come to see me to help with her own feelings of stress and overwhelm. In talking about feelings of overwhelm we talked about the family situation.

Emma manages the home and gets Tom to organise any heavy yard work and maintenance to be done. Although Emma takes the load they do share a lot of tasks like cooking, drop offs for school and sport.

The problem arises with the children. They’re old enough to help but would rather do their own thing. This means they leave dirty dishes around the house, clothes on the floor, toys everywhere and are always missing items they need for school. They’re never around to help unload groceries, bring in the washing or load the dishwasher. And naturally they complain alot. Respect and consideration is totally lacking.

Make Family Dynamics Cohesive

So once we got Emma balanced we did a Make Family Dynamics Cohesive Balance for the whole family.

I called in the energies as one of Emma, Tom, Liam, Ava and Lilly to sit on the amethyst cluster.

This is the shared space between a group of people. The space that remembers the squabbles of I’m always the one who does…. or you never…. or nobody listens to me.

By working through the ReSet process I cleared away that outdated energy then filled the space with unity, focus, support, common goals, consideration, respect and more. Everything that Emma felt is needed to make the Davis family cohesive. Once completed I returned the energies to their physical bodies.

Over the following weeks Emma was able to see the improvements. The kids are talking nicer to each other, and help each other with small tasks. Emma worked with the kids to put in place a chore list. It took a little time to teach them simple household jobs and create a roster, but now they take turns willingly.

Emma also set up shelves and baskets to better organise toys and books making it easier for each child to better manage their own rooms.

The shift in energy that the Make Family Dynamics Cohesive balance gives means Emma and Tom can now focus on creating a family sense of routine and responsibility so everyone has time for recreation together.

Would you like to bring more cohesion to your family? 

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