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Stories of Healing

Self development is very personal. We don’t always talk about our problems and what help we’re seeking for them. In these stories of healing I’m sharing some general information about some struggles and changes my clients have experienced. And because its so personal each story is actually a blend from clients with a story similar to yours. All names are fictitious.

The aim of my clearing work is to let go of the struggles not hold on to them. My client notes don’t include any details of problems only simple appointment details.

Also I don’t recommend keeping a journal of painful situations or lifes disappointments. Instead write those out separately and keep your journal to celebrate your growth, your dreams, your successes.

If I was to tell a clients story and put their name to it this would actually hold fragments and block the healing process. Instead an energy ReSet deletes outdated information to make room for new thoughts, beliefs and experiences. In fact it allows you to write a new chapter in your story.

stories of healing

 So what’s in your story?

Let me help you realign your inner and outer worlds so that your story matches your own sense of serenity.