Life Purpose Reading

A life purpose reading starts with your birth chart. This is the first step in discovering yourself and your full potential!

Often from childhood we adapt and change ourselves to fit in with the people around us.

We learn that a part of us is too much for them, our emotions, voice, ideas, opinions, ambition or willpower and we shut it down.

Or through our behaviour we remind them of their own struggles.

Either way, we make them uncomfortable with themselves and we adjust ourselves to fit them.

We continue to do this as adults to fit into a workplace, a relationship or just society in general until you start to question who you really are and what you want in life.

So It’s time to rediscover your unique self so you follow your own purpose in life.

This is where your life purpose reading helps. It is your energetic blueprint created from your birth data, a map of your own nature and provides you with simple tools for making correct decisions, being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life.

Learn more about your unique energy in a Life Purpose Reading so that you recognise your true value


It tells us what your innate strengths and talents are and how you can guide those around you.

A life purpose reading from the birth chart shows your core energy, how your energy interacts and how your ideal way to make decisions. This also highlights where you have been holding energy that isn’t yours to process.

woman using her life purpose reading to journal about her life

You gain awareness of the rightness of things you already know about yourself. You also gain perspective of where you have drifted off your path.


This gives you the next steps to adjusting your work and relationships to fit yourself. This also means that your inner work and emotional healing is focused in the exact place it needs to be for you so that you feel happier and more fulfilled in your life.


And even if you’ve done that inner work this reading gives you satisfaction that you’re exactly where you need to be heading in the correct direction.

If you’re a DIY kind of person you can get your free birth chart and do lot’s of research and reading to figure out your uniqueness and purpose.

But you don’t need to because I’ve done the research and training for you.

All too often, I see people become overwhelmed with birth charts because they don’t feel confident with the answers they find in their research. It is a complex system. When you unfold the layers of information and integrate them into your life, parcel by parcel you begin to connect the dots and see the transformations.

And my life purpose reading reading of your energetic blueprint helps with that.

There are many ways of doing readings both energy and intuitive oracle style readings. I offer my reading as a pdf blueprint of your chart.  This is so you can print it out, work with it, read it aloud, highlight spots and digest the information in whatever way fits you best. Then you get to print a fresh copy whenever you need to.

The information is given to you in simple specific bites, using terminology that is easily understood.

Your report covers information about you personally and the best ways for you to interact in your environment and relationships. This includes your strengths and challenges as well as tips to reset your energy.

As an energy practitioner I help my clients find purpose in life by letting go of emotional stress and the restrictions of pleasing others. Through self work such as chakra balancing, meditation, journalling and more I teach sensitive caring women methods to release past pain and disappointment.


Your birth chart is a fabulous tool for self discovery and it combines well with chakra balancing and energy clearing.

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Learn more about your unique energy in a Life Purpose Reading so that you recognise your true value