It’s Your Time to Bloom

It’s Your Time to Bloom

Are you a woman in midlife who has a habit of always putting others first?

Always worked in caring support roles or put your dreams on hold putting your family first?

Settling for less than you truly deserve?

And now the family is all grown up

You’re sick of mindless repetitive work but you’re stuck

             – doubting yourself
           – worrying what others will think
           – feeling frustrated and emotional

leaving you still changing yourself to fit in with others when you’d rather be starting work or business that’s fresh, interesting and dream worthy that totally fits You

So know that it’s time for you to Stop people pleasing & Start Doing You


Do you wish that you could …

Shift from always adapting yourself to fit others to following your own inner guidance so that you now say NO easily without guilt or obligation

See yourself laugh, feel, talk, cry – express emotions without over reacting

See yourself going  to bed feeling satisfied, thankful and excited about tomorrow

What would it feel like to have your work, your relationships, your life in alignment with YOU

What would it feel like to have the confidence to take the next steps towards your goals

What would it feel like knowing  when something unexpected pops up you have the energy and focus to deal with it, it’s a bump not a blockage

If you are say Yes then you’re in the right place …

Because just like you I’ve been there

Growing up I was the good girl. The one who did as she was told, was responsible and cared about doing the right thing. I was aware of the moods around me and how best to handle it. I became a people pleaser.

For years I struggled to meet everyone elses needs, trying not to be selfish, trying to fit in, trying to please everyone else, not wanting to let anyone down, but falling apart inside with each piece of me I gave away

And then my marriage disintegrated, the girls moved on …

I developed an interest in alternative therapies. I found a course that taught meditation that led me to Reiki and so began the inner work to clear those old outdated recurring patterns that had me blocked from creating my own desires

And Now

As a personal growth specialist and Certified Reiki Master Teacher I teach women in midlife energetic tools to Stop people pleasing and start Doing You so that you feel  calm, confident and satisfied that you are in control of what direction your life is taking

So If I could show you how to shift that frustration, overthinking and self doubt that stops you from being satisfied and profitable in your life without hours of talk therapy, journaling or soul searching would you be interested?


I invite you to It’s Your time to Bloom my 1:1 VIP Program

This is for you if you are ready for effective solutions while you learn to create lasting changes

You will achieve emotional strength and balance

You will have broken some old patterns that have kept you stuck in recurring cycles

You will have clarity about what direction your life is taking because You are now in the drivers seat

You will have learnt simple tools to easily maintain your energetic health day to day

You will feel confident in yourself because you trust your own intuition to make decisions

What you get

8 weekly sessions via zoom call that

  • Delve into what matters most to you
  • Includes 4 Energy Healing Sessions
  • Learn simple methods to tune into your inner wisdom
  • Learn simple energy techniques that recharge you
  • support 7Days / week through messenger or email
  • Downloaded Meditation
  • Weekly Prompts – journal/affirmations
  • Worksheets – PDF’s + Resources

Total value $2500

Investment one payment of $1295 AUD or 2 payments of $795 AUD

Message me for payment link or questions

Messenger Chat!


Client Love  –

I felt free. Awake Full of life. A few weeks later I began to see how I was acting differently than I normally would in a situation. The shift was gradual but it was noticeable – CA

After each session I slept well.  I felt I can talk things through to discover what I want. It’s a discovery of me every time – AA

Talking to you Has enabled me to see pathways I didn’t know existed. You didn’t tell me the path. I got there myself but if I didn’t talk with you I wouldn’t see the path when it showed up – Chelsea A

I noticed shifts and changes in myself, with my perspective of the “problems” between myself and my business, and also within myself during the first session. With the following sessions a further letting go, integrating and feeling we’re now aligned –  Julieanne R

I can’t believe how relaxed safe and protected I feel,  how much I feel grounded and  connected to myself – Kristy F

I felt the energy flow from my head down through my body and drain away the toxins – Netta