Inspire Yourself with a Power Word

A Power word can be very inspiring

A power word replaces the new year resolutions we tend to make each year. Often we create new year resolutions on the spur of the moment. Usually they are self care things we know we should be doing like exercise, healthy food, reading more, spending time with family, doing things we love. These resolutions don’t have enough power to prolong any action so they have usually dwindled by the end of January. We still continue to do some of them but they have long lost any true focus.

This year I was inspired to choose a power word

I recently did an end of year planning challenge that included reflecting on the year that was and choosing a power word for the following year.

There are various methods you could use to choose your power word. There may be some particular feeling you want to attract, you could meditate on it, you can choose from a list of words or you can use a pack of oracle cards. You may even decide to work with a new one each month or season.

power word

I chose the oracle card method using Earth Magic cards by Steven D. Farmer. These cards have both an earth element and a theme so are an excellent choice for a power word. I shuffled the cards while focusing on the next year and waited for a card to be thrown out. And my power word for 2018 is “Radiance”

So what do you do with a power word

Once you have chosen a power word then let it be your mantra or reference point. Firstly decide what your word means for you.

Lets take the word harmony. The dictionary gives these meanings

  • If people are living in harmony with each other, they are living together peacefully rather than fighting or arguing.
  • The harmony of something is the way in which its parts are combined into a pleasant arrangement.

Next fine tune what harmony means for you in your home, your work, hobbies, family, friends. So an action of harmony might include flexibility, listening, organising. Break it down to simple, easy ways of bringing the word into your life.

Then throughout the year apply the power word harmony to situations and decisions you make. Pop it on your phone as a screen saver. Put a picture on your fridge. You can reflect each morning on how you will bring harmony to your day. It may be adding a particular colour cushion to your chair, a kind word with a neighbour, cooking a pleasant meal for a friend.

A situation arises where you are asked to do something that’s not part of your regular duties. You don’t really have time to do it. You may even feel a sense of frustration or overwhelm.

When you use the word harmony as your reference point you shift your energy into a mode of flexibility. This allows you to come up with a plan to re-organise some of your other duties, delegating a few items to others, so you can fit in the new request.

Result is harmony for yourself and the situation.

Here is a list of power words

  • grounded
  • release
  • focus
  • emergence
  • creativity
  • joy
  • soar
  • allow
  • choice
  • hope
  • ignite
  • nurture
  • strength
  • harmony
  • movement
  • reflection

This list will give you a start on choosing your own power word. Of course there are many more you could choose.

So Tell Me – Have you chosen a power word? Have you put it somewhere you can easily see it and reflect each day on how you can incorporate the feelings of your word?

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