Goals and Resolutions

It’s common at the start of the year to create goals or resolutions for the New Year. Last time we talked about reflecting on the year that was.ย  When we reflect on what the year was we can assess the goals we had for the year, see what we achieved and evaluate those still sitting.

Goals or Resolutions

When we make New Year resolutions they are often made spontaneously. Someone might put us on the spot or we’re feeling the effects of Christmas Cheer. Health and fitness instantly come to mind.

These resolutions are often made quickly and forgotten just as quickly.

When we take the time to reflect and really think about our life, we are more inclined to make goals. Short term goals take us through the coming year and are part of how to achieve our long term goals.

After you have identified your goals for the coming year, choose the top priority ones, the ones most important to you. Then make some action steps you need to take to reach that goal. If possible schedule spots in your diary to take the first action.

goals and planning

That first step of your goal may be to phone some gyms, get pricing and information or book a class. Once you’ve taken that first step tick it off and aim for the next step.

Make your goals manageable

Break them down into smaller goals or action steps. Assess each one. Do you need to focus on one goal only at a time or several? Does one have more action steps or a weekly commitment?ย  Don’t take on too much at one time. Keep room for your regular activities.

Plan your goals

Slot them into a month or quarter. Work out a date for achievement then working backwards, slot in the action steps.

Tick each step off as you achieve it. It may take you longer to reach your goal then you originally estimated but each tick along the way is success.

What can you do today or this week towards your goals?

So tell me – Do you have a method for planning your goals? Do you make goals or maybe you have a focus for the year. What works best for you?

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Goals and Resolutions — 34 Comments

  1. Goals are key! You hit the nail on the head it is important to set realistic goal and time frame or you are setting yourself up for failure.

  2. Lorelle, thanks for sharing this post, this is what I was looking for! A week ago I wrote my resolutions for 2014 ( 10 resolutions!), but the thing is that I didn’t know where to start! What steps I needed to take to begin, at least, with the first resolution! Thank you so much!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have to break my goals in smaller tasks as you suggest Lorelle,I want to try with two-three big goals a week and a difficult goal a month…

  4. Great post! I find that scheduling time to evaluate my progress helps to keep me motivated. Also, I’m able to adjust my small action steps if I find the progress I’m making isn’t quite in line with the goal I set.
    Lisa Mallis recently posted…Why Do I Blog?My Profile

  5. I have made some specific goals for this year. I am already behind on the January one – but that is OK – I feel that the important thing is to reach the goal even if it is a little bit late. And then of course all goals are not equally important.
    Eva Synnergren recently posted…Att skriva för webben – del 2My Profile

  6. I have big goals and I try to break them up in smaller tasks and steps to they do not seem so scary ๐Ÿ™‚ I write my top 10 goals every day – if I forget, I just read them at night. This has helped me a lot to keep them in my mind and find ways to accomplish them.
    Thanks for the great read, Lorelle!
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted…How to add text to images with PicMonkeyMy Profile

  7. Well, last year was a free for all when it came to my goals. I set them but I did not have a clear plan of action. I accomplished some wonderful goals, but not as many as I could have. This year, I’m mapping out the entire year, including a blog post schedule, video schedule, guest blog posting goals, and a monthly teleseminar. It will be tons of fun, tons of work, and entirely worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keri Kight recently posted…Are you taking the safe route in life?My Profile

  8. Setting short term goals that tie into long term goals also works best for me. I think it gives you a little flexibility and wiggle-room, but not so much that you can let procrastination take over and win. If I give myself a whole year to achieve a goal, I tend to get distracted and lose sight of the goal because I have so much time left to get down to doing it. When I set small steps to take toward reaching my ultimate goal, and give myself a week or a month to accomplish the small step, I don’t have time for much distraction and I succeed. Then on to the next step & the next short term deadline. It’s what works for me and seems to make goal achieving easier.
    Marcia Shaw Wyatt recently posted…Kicking Off 2014 With Happiness and GratitudeMy Profile

  9. I have a few goals that I zoom in for the year, I try to achieve those with out being to hard on myself. I usually have a tentative time frame…one and two. It usually works for me.
    Margaret recently posted…Easy Bath Tub DetoxMy Profile