How to find your Valentine

February is a time to focus on your Valentine. Do we even really know what we are focusing on or is it just another commercial venture?

The retailers are promoting roses and chocolates for your Valentine along with the fruit buns for Easter. It is so easy to get caught up in the buying spree and enjoying the chocolates and attention without really knowing what it all means.

So I did a little research….. which led me to several stories about the origin of Valentines Day.  All theories sound plausible, but I guess we will never know for sure which one is the actual origin.

One popular theory is based on a pagan festival which got recast as a christian feast day and named after a pope St Valentine. There are several possibles for the pope, but the most likely is one who came into disfavour with the Emperor Claudius. Chaucer then linked St Valentine’s day with romance.

Over the centuries the holiday evolved with gift giving and homemade cards, cherubs, hearts, ribbons and lace. In the 1850’s some in the US began mass producing cards and today is is a booming commercial must do.

your valentine

So what does the day mean for you and your Valentine?

You can choose to take away the commercial aspect and spend Valentines as an opportunity to put some focus on your relationship and spend some time together.

  • A lovely dinner, either home or out
  • create a date night
  • talk about what you mean to each other, your joint goals and dreams and how they fit your individual goals
  • make it a family “team” night sharing family love

And if your Valentine hasn’t appeared yet?

This can also be a time when you reflect on what love means for you. What sort of relationship you want from a partner. What attributes you have to share with someone and what attributes your valentine needs to be your partner.

This can also be a time to appreciate your special friends. Those who are always there to share life. The ones who are there through the tough times, the fun times. The ones to bounce ideas off, tell you the truth but never judge. The ones who love you unconditionally.

So Tell Me – How do you celebrate Valentines Day? How do you cut the commercialism out? What do you have planned with your Valentine for this year?

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How to find your Valentine — 17 Comments

  1. This year we had a family valentines celebration and made each other cards and presented them after dinner along with telling each person something we love about them. It was the least commercial and most fun valentines day we’ve had in a while. Wonderful post!
    Julie recently posted…4 Signs Of An Unhealthy Work Life BalanceMy Profile

  2. Hmmm . . . I wonder how exactly Valentine’s Day went from St. Valentine to chocolate, flowers, and cards. Here we celebrated with dinner in, and flowers and chocolates!!! (I’m a sucker for the traditional!)

  3. I did not have plans for this year Valentine’s day, however, I had a lovely dinner with my husband and the kids. I told my husband if he wanted to leave the kids at home, instead he said no! let’s celebrate together. Indeed, we had a great night. We always go to the same Italian Restaurant, so I bought flowers for the waitress and chocolates (she is the daughter of the owner). It was really nice to spend Valentines day with my family and Friends.
    Remy recently posted…Johnson’s Baby Washcloth ProductMy Profile

  4. Thanks Lorelle for this post, My husband to be bought me my fav flowers and I bought him a book I knew he was interested in… very simple presents, not too commercial I think. I usually make a little present also for my parents and I like to celebrate with my all family!

  5. I agree that Valentine’s Day is another venue to promote commercialism in our modern day. It’s interesting how holidays are modified through history. On the other hand it is nice to set aside a day to show special attention to those dear to us. Just like you said, no need to spend money but a meaningful time together has more lasting value.
    Delmy recently posted…How to Be Your Own ValentineMy Profile