Create routines for yourself so others will follow them

Create routines for yourself when working from home is essential to help you keep on track. You can’t expect family / household members to respect your work time if you don’t have clear work routines established.

So what to do if you’ve let things get out of hand and are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, being interrupted frequently?

Time to Create Routines for yourself

Break the old habits and create new routines. You may need to take yourself out of the household each day, take your laptop and paperwork and go to a local park, library or coffee shop.

create routines

Whilst away, you can work out what sort of blocks of time work best for you to manage calls, email, research and work.

With an idea of a new routine, that will work for you, you can then start to spend time in your home office, putting your new routine into practice. You can put up a weekly plan for others to see what blocks of time you are unavailable.

Discuss your new routine with household members. Share details with them of your new work day methods. Let them know how much more you are achieving.

Talk about your non work time and plan when you do your household tasks. Arrange times through your day that you’re available to family for a short break.

When you create routines which are easy for others to understand and follow, they soon know when you are available to them. You will find they now consult you when making family arrangements and bookings.

Your family will be reassured that you are available when needed. You will achieve so much more in your day. You will have a feeling of accomplishment.

So tell me – Have you had to start from the begining with setting a routine for working from home? What did you learn about yourself and how you work best? Are you still struggling to get a routine established? How can I help you?

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Create routines for yourself so others will follow them — 14 Comments

  1. I love systems, checklists, and routines. In fact, this week I’m working on adjusting my current morning routine because I’m focusing on my health this year. So, I’m going to develop a routine that includes consistent exercise and meal prep. . . . I’m sure I will create a few revisions before I’m satisfied with the outcome . . . but that’s all part of the process! thanks for the post!
    Lisa Mallis recently posted…Why Do People Apologize When I Walk Into the Room?My Profile

  2. Since we are creatures of habit, a well established routine is essential to accomplish our tasks. Working from home and outside the home interacting with others as client’s needs arise, makes it difficult to stick to a routine. Nonetheless having a basic one to follow, helps in keeping our job running smoothly. My best tools are 2 erasable calendars. Thanks for keeping us on track, specially during this hectic holiday season.
    Delmy recently posted…What do China France & Panama Have in Common?My Profile

    • Hi Delmy, combining working at home with client visits is what you do. A routine doesn’t need to be set in stone or locked into one place. Having your home office set up well, with boundaries clear, makes your time efficient and smooth. Then a basic plan to follow for how your days and calender run is essential as you remain flexible, but know you’ll meet whatever commitments you’ve made.
      Lorelle recently posted…Are you working from a Home Office My Profile

  3. You know I really to need to start from the beginning with my home office. No ones seems to respect it as such. I know it is because it did not start out as such when we purchased the home and also I do not work from home primarly. So I am gonna have to lay some new ground rules and stick to them myself as well. Great post as usual.
    Margaret recently posted…How to “Spice” Up The Home For The HolidayMy Profile

    • Margaret this is how it often happens. The home computer area is often a general spot for everyone to use. Then it becomes the place for specific work or study purpose, and our mindset about the area doesn’t adjust to meet the new need.
      So great idea to go back to basics. Even if you don’t primarily work from home,it is a good idea to have a designated work area, separate to general family use. That way when you do need to work from home, your mind slips comfortably into work mode.
      Lorelle recently posted…Create household systems to simplify lifeMy Profile