An Aussie Christmas

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While alot of my online friends are getting ready for snow and the cold, I’m getting ready for an Aussie Christmas. There are so many lovely traditional Christmas Carols like “I’m drreaming of a white christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman” that really don’t work for summer. So click on the play button and enjoy a fun Aussie Christmas song. If you would like explanations of what something is just ask below in the comment section.

So what is an Aussie Christmas Like

An Aussie Christmas is in Summer. There are weather variants around the country. I’m near Brisbane Queensland so I can only tell you about what Chrissy Day is like here and it’s hot. (and pretty hot elsewhere as well) Typically it can be around 38 degress C approx 106 F but not unusual to be anywhere from 32 – 46 C at this time of year. Often you can be set up for outside barbecue, then there’ll be a storm late morning and you need to shift everything under cover.

It’s Cricket Season, at present England is in Australia for the ashes tour, so far we’ve won the first 3 matches, there’s usually 5 in the series. So we won the Ashes. These are 5 day matches. Then there’s state matches, 20/20 and other international matches. Plenty to watch if you’re a cricket fan.

It’s also school holiday time, the kids are off for 6 weeks until the end of January. So “when I was a kid” we spent alot of summertime playing backyard cricket. Backyard cricket is also called French Cricket. The batter stands in middle with bat facing outwards, others create a circle and throw the ball from different angles. No runs just catches and getting legs with ball. We also only used a tennis ball. This is fun and only takes about 3 people to get started. Great for a mix of kids and adults anytime of year.

An Aussie Christmas day is barbecue and salads for lunch, backyard cricket, afternoon snoozes, spending the day at the beach or a park.

Aussie Christmas

 My Aussie Christmas Day This Year

My grandchildren do a half day with each parent. Its part of modern living. One set of kids are in Sydney, I’ll visit them in January. The other set are local. We’ll have a family day during the Christmas – New Year period. My own children grew up with their father being a shift worker, so Christmas Day was often adjusted to fit.

While family day doesn’t really replace an Aussie Christmas day, it’ll still be a great day. Grandson #1 has already requested a barbecue, there’s plenty of area for them to roam and investigate here at my place, presents will still be exchanged and it will still be hot.

Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a fabulous day and a Prosperous New Year

So tell me – What area of the world are you in for Christmas? Do you adjust the day to suit work, family or other variables? Have you created your own special traditions for your family?

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An Aussie Christmas — 22 Comments

  1. What a nice virtual trip to Australia for Christmas! Yes it seems awkward to those of us on this side of the world to have Christmas in Summer :-) I have friends in Argentina, Brazil where Santa spends his day at the oceanside too :-) Wish I could be there for barbecue :-) Great Christmas song too. Merry Christmas.
    Delmy recently posted…Healthy Holiday Celebrations By Living The MomentMy Profile

  2. I know we can barbecue year round, but we live in Oregon and the weather can be nasty in December. I’m jealous of your heat and sunshine and potentially going to the beach on Christmas Day. Thank you for the education on Australia. Wish I was coming your way for the holiday.

    Visiting from Blog Formatting. Merry Christmas.
    Out One Ear – Linda Atwell recently posted…Ten Things Of Thankful: December 22, 2014My Profile

    • I hope you had a fabulous Christmas Linda. This year Christmas day was reasonable around 33 deg but we’ve felt temps of up to 47.2 since. We’ve been watching the colder weather around the world and everyone else has the opposite extreme to us so I hope they are well setup for the cold.
      Lorelle recently posted…Reflection on the year that wasMy Profile

  3. Being half-Aussie I’ve had Christmases in Australia (Sydney and country NSW)but they never really felt quite right! I’ve lived in so many places and I love experiencing different cultural traditions but for me Christmas should be in winter! I live in the south of France so the likelihood of snow is very low, we usually get mild temperatures and bright blue skies with lots of sunshine. I think the best place I’ve ever lived for its Christmassy feel was Prague. That was just magical! Love the video (I genuinely have an Aussie uncle Bruce!!!)
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…Silent Sunday – 22 December 2013My Profile

    • Hi Phoebe I hope you got your White Christmas. I know what you mean a hot Christmas doesn’t fit what the rest of the world is doing. I guess that’s why we now seem to have a restaurant tradition of “Christmas in July”
      Lorelle recently posted…Reflection on the year that wasMy Profile

  4. I so enjoyed to learn from your Christmas tradition, Lorelle! I did not realize there’s such a long vacation for kids, of course it makes all sense, because it’s “the summer vacation”.

    We are under winter storms and lots of snow and it looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas here in Canada. Love it :)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted…How to create quotes images with PinstamaticMy Profile

  5. Wow! It sounds so strange for me, here in Liguria, North -west Italy, This December is sunshine and quite hot, but is unusual. today the weather is getting “worse” and I still hope for snowflakes at Christmas… We usually gather for a special meal, I like following tradition cooking a whole meal, from starters to dessert but I like to change every year the menu, with some exceptions!

  6. Awesome post! I “knew” it was summer in Australia – but until I read your post it didn’t really compute that you celebrate Christmas with a BBQ and at the beach! Thank you so much for widening my awareness! This year for Christmas we will celebrate with my extended family the Sunday before, with my parents on Christmas Eve, my immediate family on Christmas Day, and my husbands extended family the beginning of January. Plus, a weekend trip to Nashville, TN . . . wow . . . seems busy – but will be a TON of fun!
    Lisa Mallis recently posted…Why Is a Non-Baker Is In Charge on Cookie Day?My Profile

  7. Love the video. I’m from the UK. Wearing shorts & thongs in the UK has a different meaning and made my smile. i.e. wearing shorts & a g-string.

    This Christmas I’ll be having a Christmas meal with my parents on Christmas Eve and then my partner & I are hosting Christmas dinner in our new home for the first time on Christmas Day with his family.
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