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Hello my name is Lorelle McIntyre, I blend various energy modalities including Reiki and crystal healing to provide Dimensional Balance for you and your business. I am also a BAS Agent/Bookkeeper who helps you meet your business recording commitments.

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I work with sensitive women like you. You want organisation in your business. You want your business to flow with clients, success and abundance.

I’d like to share some of my story with you

Like many people I have used a variety of self help books and techniques to work on my past issues. I’ve worked through many layers of self doubt, pain and emotional trauma. With each of these techniques I learnt alot about myself and human nature, peeling off a little at a time.

I’ve worked in a variety of workplaces, different types of businesses / industries, people and buildings. I’ve seen that people operate in many differing ways. Many are just working through life with no direction, ambition or substance. Others are stuck in situations which are not aligned with their beliefs, goals, values and dreams, thereby causing them stress and illness.

I developed my own standards in life and work. Ideas on customer service, work ethic, personal honesty, integrity. As I developed these standards I found any time I worked somewhere or with people, who were not aligned to my standards, I struggled, because I was not being true to myself. This caused me to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Reiki came into my life during a very emotional time in the later stage of my married life. I began a class which included meditation and learning about chakras and auras. This included a Reiki Healing demonstration night. I soon completed levels 1 and 2. Later I did my Masters with another teacher. Just last year I attended a Reiki Retreat Day at The River House with other Level 2 and Masters. I now attend a regular Reiki share day where we continue to learn about self healing concepts and techniques.

With Reiki you go through an attunement process, which activates the healing energy to come through your hands to either yourself or your client. You work with symbols, chakras and energy fields.

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom – RAW came into my life when I needed direction in my work life. When I was struggling to know what work I needed to be doing, as I wasn’t gaining any satisfaction from the industry I was in. Again I was not being true to myself. My confidence, motivation and enthusiasm was low. RAW works with muscle testing and scan lists.

RAW is part of my personal development journey as is Reiki and various other modalities. Is any better than others? No. Answers appear at times of need. Ultimately all modalities are transformational and work on energy, thoughts and beliefs creating change.

I’m continually learning more about Natural Therapies, and self growth, which I’ll share with you through my Blog.

Complimentary Therapies such as Crystals, Reiki, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and others can really benefit any stress in your life.

Through my blog I share information and perspectives on anything motivational in bringing the clarity and focus you need for serenity in your life.


Qualification Details

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (Oct 2014) Level 10 – Ancient Perceptions

Reiki I, II, lllA, Master/Teacher

Seichim Practitioner

Crystal Healing (Level I)

Cert 3 Business Administration – Tafe

Cert 4 Financial Services, BAS Agent – Tafe

~ To Receive ~ Heartfelt Serenity

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